Guimarães Avenue Flyover

Macao Science Center Reclamation

Macao Automatic Waste Collection System

MGM Cotai Footbridge Link to LRT Station

Coloane Police Headquarters and Training Complex

Macao-Taipa Sai Van Bridge

Taipa Central Park
and Underground Car Park

Macao Light Rail Transit
Taipa Section C260 (stations and viaduct)

Macao East Zone Land Formation

Avenida da Concordia Carpark

New Fuel Storage Facilities at Porto Exterior

Road Link Connection
(COTAI and Ka-Ho Port)

Tunnel Road Link Connection
(COTAI and Ka-Ho Port)

CN5A Residential Lot at Seac Pai Van

Interborder Industrial
Park Infrastructure

Interborder Industrial Park Reclamation,
Seawall, and Dock (Green Island)

Macao Light Rail Transit Depot